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Adams, Mark   Jun 12
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Washington, Sandra   Jun 16
McConkey, Trisha   Jun 22
Washington, Hardy   Jun 28
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Paese, Paul   Jul 05
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Shands, Missy   Jul 23
Humphreys, James   Jul 25
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Kleinknecht, Gil   Aug 29

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As you know, Dave Purcell made us aware that former Kirkwood Rotarian, Lori Murray, passed away last month.
Our member, Jonathon Browne, indicated how important it would be to Lori’s family for our club members who knew Lori to attend this service.  The service will be held June 2nd at 11:00 am at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 8945 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, O'Fallon, MO 63366.

Please consider attending.  Thank you.

2017 Marion Medical Mission Flier


Each year, Kirkwood Rotary ( does a multi-thousand dollar community project. This past Saturday, Kirkwood Rotarians turned out to plant well over 100 trees and bushes (3 gal. and 2 gal. sized plants) at areas selected by the Kirkwood Park's staff. Prior club projects have included the dock at Walker Lake, bicycle racks at various points around the city, the pergola at the Farmer's Market, and many others.

It was a perfect day for planting and the full morning's effort was followed by a chili lunch provided by some of our other Rotarians who were scheduled elsewhere.

And, as a special treat, lunch-time music was provided by the ever-popular musical group, River Bound (

2017: Overcoming obstacles to polio eradication in Pakistan

Posted on By Alina A. Visram, manager, Pakistan National PolioPlus Committee


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”   -Henry Ford


When I first joined Pakistan’s PolioPlus Committee (PNPPC) as a manager close to eight years ago, polio eradication seemed within our reach. I used the opportunity to study poliomyelitis beyond just perceiving it as “a crippling disease.” I researched the causes and consequences; the types of polio virus; modes of prevention; and how elusive the virus can be given the right conditions.

Then in 2012, the dynamics of my country changed. We were faced with hostile militants, who refused to allow polio teams to vaccinate children in their territory. Our front line workers were regularly targeted for their work during campaigns.

Children were deprived of polio vaccine in several regions occupied by the militants making it inaccessible and hard to reach. Common myths and misconceptions were rife in most backward communities. Our biggest hurdle was “how do we change their mindset,” while they eyed us with suspicion and disdain.

We expanded our motley crew to a larger team. Together we worked closely with our polio partners to devise strategies and innovative approaches to overcome the odds; through placing Resource Centers in high risk districts; targeting nomads and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) through Permanent Transit Posts (PTPs); creating awareness in illiterate communities through speaking books; conducting workshops with enlightened religious clerics; and encouraging Rotary clubs to hold health camps in impoverished districts.

Meanwhile, polio cases spiraled across the country and in 2014 we reported over 300 cases of the wild poliovirus. In the years that followed, we worked with unwavering diligence and commitment in collaboration with the government of Pakistan to restrict polio transmission. Today, we have only five cases of polio stemming from the wild virus and only 11 globally, as of the end of September.

World Polio Day 24 October was established by Rotary International to commemorate the birth of Jonas Salk, who led the first team to develop a vaccine against poliomyelitis. It marks the long and arduous journey all endemic countries have struggled against, to eradicate polio.

The last mile is the hardest, but we are so close to the finish line.

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of posts from polio eradication volunteers, Rotary staff, and survivors in honor of World Polio Day 24 October. What is your club doing to observe the day? Learn what other clubs are doing, register your event, and tune in to our live streamed event 24 October.

St. Louis Metro InterCity Fellowship
Since 1958, the Metro St. Louis InterCity Fellowship has promoted, on a monthly basis, Rotary fellowship among clubs within a reasonable driving distance.   The larger clubs help the smaller ones by swelling attendance in order to enable topnotch programs.  Rotarians from member clubs have the opportunity to visit Host Clubs and discover old/new friends and check out "makeup" locations. 
Rotary District 6060 or Rotary International does NOT fund InterCity.  Each month the famous World Globe is passed and if $100.00 is collected the money is used to award a $100.00 Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member donation in the name of one of the attendees at the meeting.  This donation is donated to The Rotary Foundation.
Each Host club makes meeting notice sheets and mails them to the other clubs in the Metro area. They also get the speaker for their meeting. At the meeting sign in sheets are provided and are used as “make ups” for those attending. The purpose of IC meetings is fun and fellowship of Rotarians from local clubs throughout the area.  Lunch meetings usually begin at noon and end by 1:30 p.m., including speaker time and award time.
Lloyd Schneiders has agreed to be our liaison for the Inter-city meetings for yet another year.  He has been a tireless advocate for Inter-city and has worked to keep us informed and to encourage our participation.  We have not done very well at all as a club attending these meetings.  It has not been something that has received much emphasis in the past.  I would like to encourage members to attend when they can.  It will reflect well on our club to do so.  To give you each a heads up on meetings dates and to allow you to have a reference for your files, I have included the schedule for upcoming meetings. The schedule is at the end of this email. 
St. Peters 
 Sept 11 - noon
District Conference 
 October 6
 November 1 - 7 AM
Lambert Airport 
 December 1 - 12:15 PM
St. Charles Sunrise 
 January 3 - 7 AM
Crestwood/Sunset Hills 
 February 7 - 12:15 PM
 March 5 - 7:30 AM
.2017 Russ Patton Receives Honorary Doctorate.
MacMurray College’s 166th Commencement ceremony took place May 13 when 127 graduates crossed the stage in Annie Merner Chapel. During the ceremony, the college awarded an honorary doctor of commerce, accountancy and business to Russell Patton, owner and president of Byerly RV Center.
Russ attended MacMurray for three years before joining the Marine Corps in the 1960s.  Although he completed his bachelor of science in business at Washington University in St. Louis, he serves as a lifetime trustee of MacMurray College. While Russ currently sits on the board of directors for the RV Dealers Association’s Mike Molino RV Learning Center, he has also previously served as president of both the Missouri State RVDA and the Midwest Gateway RVDA.
Russ is the owner and president of Byerly RV Center in Eureka, Missouri (Byerly RV was founded in 1948). He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri working in his father's service station, a business that existed until his father bought Byerly. Before taking his turn working at Byerly, Russ spent a total of three and a half years at MacMurray College. He left before completing his degree because he always felt that his education was "more focused on the journey than the destination."  However, he never forgot the lessons he learned from the late Dr. Palmer, a professor that has continued to inspire him.
After he left MacMurray, he joined the Marine Corps and served in Vietnam. That experience helped him understand one of Dr. Palmer's lessons: "Knowledge is a combination of the conceptual and experiential." Russ grew to understand that balancing the two and investing in yourself is the best approach to doing good and prospering.
Once he finished his service with the Marine Corps, he moved to California where he spent some time selling insurance. He then moved to Indiana where he began an RV manufacturing business with another man for about a year, but he eventually sold his share of the company so that he could return back home to help his father run Byerly and attend Washington University. He met his wife, Adrienne, while at Washington and he graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Business.
Russ later bought Byerly from his father in the late 1980s. When he began working at Byerly in 1972, it was a small manufacturing business of residential and vacation trailers with only seven employees. Today the company employs over 60 people and has become one of the largest RV dealerships in the Midwest. His son, Warren, will soon be taking over the leadership of the family business.
Russ has served as the president of the local and state Recreation Vehicles Dealer Association (RVDA) and is also the director for the National RVDA Learning Center, which develops training and certification programs for RV dealer employees. He is also involved in Rotary. He has worked on projects in Mexico with the Rotary Club and the University of Illinois. For 12 years, he coordinated. the Rotary student foreign exchange program for students within his community. He is also a Lifetime Trustee of the College, and most recently he has been working on a project to honor his mentor, Dr. Palmer.
.2017 Project NOW (Nutrition on Weekends.
On Thursday March 23rd, Kirkwood Rotary members were able to help Project NOW (Nutrition on the Weekends) after our regularly scheduled by gathering at Webster Groves Christian Church (1320 W Lockwood Ave, St. Louis, MO 63122) to help stuff bags.
Every week Webster Groves Christian Church packs bags for families from Educare Headstart in Meacham Park that contains enough food for two meals and two snacks for Saturday and Sunday.
Additionally, through the club’s efforts, Project NOW received $3,000 from Rotary Ramble proceeds.

.Kirkwood Rotary's Community Projects Over the Years.

 If YOU know of any additional projects OR have info. and pics on these projects
please send them to:
Thank you.

Kirkwood Rotary has a long tradition of community projects.  Here is a partial list:

  1  Quarry Park Look-out/Education platform.
  2  Walker Lake Dock (1992)
  3  Farmer's Market Pergola
  4  Mudd's Grove Library Bookshelves (2009)
  5  Mary Culver Home Refreshment Station
  6  Manor Grove Gazebo
  7  Meacham Park Garden Shelter (2013)
  8  Four Rotary Bike Racks (2014)
  9  Four Rotary Bike Racks (2015)
 10  Walker Lake Dock Rebuild (2015)


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Jan 11, 2018
You Planted Trees ... Now What? How to Attrack Favorable Wildlife
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