Hands On Kirkwood Receives Boost from Kirkwood Rotary Club
Hands on Kirkwood is inviting every member of the community to go and to serve
neighbors in need during a single all day volunteer event. This year’s event is
scheduled for Saturday, Oct 4. This annual effort, started by the Kirkwood Baptist
Church, has been joined by Harrison Avenue Missionary Baptist Church; Concord
Lutheran Church; Kirkwood United Methodist Church; Kirkwood United Church of
Christ; City of Kirkwood; St. Louis Community College at Meramec and numerous
organizations. The donation from the Kirkwood Rotary Club was made possible
by proceeds from the Club’s recent annual
Kirkwood Greentree Festival Rotary Ramble.
The donated funds will be used to purchase supplies for home projects,
which is a major focus of the effort, as well as other needs.
Kirk Hutchison, Kirkwood Rotary Club President, left, presents
a $1,000 check from the Club to Dr. Scott Stearman Senior Pastor,
Kirkwood Baptist Church accepting for Hands on Kirkwood,
Blake Smith, Co-Chair 2014 Greentree Festival Ramble, and
Deb Lavender, Rotary Club liaison to Hands On Kirkwood.